Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A bedroom fit for a young king of his castle - reveal

A boy's bedroom calls for a recipe of restful, whimsical and fun!

This sleeping boy remains safe alongside a massive brick wall, a flickering torch and sparkling stars illumating night's shadows!

A haven of soft grayish blues, greys, black and white mesh together to create a restful little corner with a touch of fun. The messy-made bed suits this boy to a T!

(puffy bed staging how-to upcoming if there's interest)

A mesh of mixed patterns from new and used finds create a potpourri of bedding bliss.

(bed in a bag set from Walmart Dec 2009, the rest from thrifts)

Shining stars create an illusion of a tall headboard, however this look takes you waaaay up high into the sky! All the way into the puffy clouds...

... created from the underside of a piece of scrap wall paneling. Sketch - 2 min. Cut with a jigsaw - 3 min. Painted clouds - 15 min. An under 30 min no cost quick solution for a whimsical valance.

The stars cast a wonderful glow as evening approaches. The lights (Ikea, found at a thrift) don't get warm and take the place of a night light, however I will say, although they clear a sleeping child's head, I'll be hiring them so my son doesn't hear them 'bonk' at night when he moves around. :)

At the foot of the bed, is this opening that was the perfect place to stash an armoire, chalk full of books and blankets. Rather than looking at dark doors to match the rest of the cabinet which would have created a black hole, a bright flat sheet was hung curtain style instead. The 'no sew curtain' was left with massive puddling on the floor so the sheet can be used as it's original intent at a later date if desired.

Tip: If you find a sheet with top banding as this one, it has a custom made look. This sheet was part of the bed in a bag set.

Wrought iron metal brackets from who knows what (thrift find), created the perfect companion to hold up a chunk of black curtain rod.

Between the armoire and the bed was the perfect little spot to tuck in a small desk.

The desk top and legs were painted white to lighten up the room against the blue walls. Black details tie in the chair and other blacks in the room, creating abit of added interest to the piece. The bonus is a more masculine looking arrangement, yet doesn't further darken the room!

Tip: Two toned furniture really takes a redo up a few notches. If you're still painting furniture all one colour, you need to give the two-toned a try. Once you start, you'll view furniture in a whole new way!

With the bed to the left, the fun place to hang is to the right! A lower kid sized play table is the perfect spot for Lego building or doing homework. The table received the same colour treatment as the desk to lighten up the top. A stow away bin always resides under the table for a quick cleanup.

Over sized bulletin boards don't overtake the room when painted out the same colour as the wall, yet allow for amble changeable art displays. More morphing to come in this area... I have big ideas for a larger magnetic board among other enhancements.

Wall mounted pen storage (Ikea) allows organization to the hilt without cluttering up the desktop. And is rather cool to look at if I do say so myself. :)

Lego and building apparatus DOES of course, take priority in this room after all. :)

Tip: lighter table tops allow you to find small toy pieces much easier. This tabletop use to be black and it fatigued the eyes. White solved the problem.

To the right of the play table, is a massive dry erase board. Not only is this a total boy magnet for drawing all kinds of boy type things, the board also makes spelling and math practice much more of an adventure!

 Honestly, my son sits at this thing every single day and creates the most amazing drawings, stories, lists, etc.

The back of the door holds funny dog tails (Ikea) that create the perfect little dressing area, alongside...

... a very funky skinny mirror. (Ikea) No square inch is wasted! The hook location, being behind the door, is the perfect hiding place for the piles of clothes that tend to accumulate. Each evening, clothes are hung on the hooks to get ready for the next day. (allow me to rephrase... we attempt this part)

The ceiling and walls are painted the PERFECT dusky blue that I had created.
Cloverdale Paint Canada - D3244 + 1YB

The brick treatment was stamped on the wall with a brick sized sponge, using an ice cream bucket lid filled with swirled paint. Highlights of black and white were added to each brick with the edge of a cheap sponge brush. I can do a how-to at a later date if there's interest. It was a very easy treatment, just abit labor intensive.

The entire room was wrapped in this treatment. The blue sky was left blank especially for super hero posters, that could be later taken down, leaving the room still somewhat themed for other current likes. The posters are already down so the idea was a sound one!

In case you're wondering how this room can stay so tidy and where all the toy storage is...

... it's in the PLAYROOM of course! (the 3rd bedroom upstairs) Being that there is only my son and I in our home and I used up the entire basement for my work, a playroom was created for the overflow of stuff and the need for extra romp room for visiting boys.

Tip: if you can separate the bulk of the toys from the bedroom, it becomes more of a study/sleep area.

Hardwood floors are in both rooms (actually the entire upstairs) which makes for the most incredible easy to keep clean floor ever! Felt liners are stuck onto anything that touches the floor for floor friendly sliding mobility.

This boy's room is easy on the eyes, is restful as well as fun! My son is now 10 and with the removal of the Spiderman bedding and posters, this room easily morphed into his current age group by a simple means of just changing out the accessories.

May your own little knight in shining armour or lovely princess in her palace give you the perfect excuse to morph into the land of kid-dom yourself someday soon. :)

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